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Green Irish Kilts with Shamrock Embroidery



Green Irish Kilts with Shamrock Embroidery

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Green Irish Kilts with Shamrock Embroidery , 75% Acrylic + 25% Wool



  • Approximately 8 yards total of 12-13 ounce material used.
  • Pleat to �SETT�. Full pattern should be visible on front and rear aprons.
  • Pleats should measure approximately 1 inch width total of 24-36 pleats in rear as in illustration of rear. No pleats in front of kilt.
  • 3 Total belts and buckles 1 on left side (inner apron) and two on the right side (outer apron).
  • 2 Belt Loops in upper center of rear of kilt.


Note : Any tartan Available on Customer Demand Please select the Tartan from this list Stock Tartans  or send us your Family Tartan Correct color Picture with your Waist , Hip and lenght Size in Inches under this ChartMeasurement.

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