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S.T.A - 3.11.2017 

I received the package yesterday and am very impressed by the quality and w

USA Bachelor of Music
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. Received my order today and it is absolutely beautiful!
Looking forward to purchasing many more products from you!

Thank you again for your fantastic work

the blue and orange coats are fantastic...perfect
the stripe shirts and pants are fantastic material is perfect..can you get the same in plain white and off white?
the swords knots are great
Gray pants are fantastic
musket tools are fantastic the black colour is what the axe you are making should be...
moon badge is fantastic
 the casting is still excellent.. 
Again thank you to you and your team....

Rahat The kilts are here and they look beautiful. When these are
gone, there will be another order placed. Thank you, its a real
pleasure to do business with you.
Best Regards.....

Yes I did recieve the kilts, thank you. The brown camo kilt is
beautiful & is what I am lookling for, in fact all 3 kilts are of very
nice quality.  Do you have the same type of material as the brown camo
in different solid colors that can be made in the same style as the
brown camo cargo kilt?
Best Regards..........

The shipment has just arrive!  Rahat. I like everything very much.  Thank you very much.


Dear Sir,
You and the employees of your company have gone above and beyond once again for my Company and we here in Canada
very much appreciate it. We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.
and thank you for the update.

I received your items. Great quality for the price. I especially like the sporrans.
Am putting together a substantial order. Is there a set of bagpipes that you recommend?
Also, thanks for the free gifts.

Dear Rahat
I have been looking at the order...fantastic...
Hat cords all fantastic
pants all fantastic
white shirts fantastic.
badges fantastic
sashes fantastic.
belts good.
stripped shirt fantastic, but material is a little too modern, needs to be like the cotton sample you sent me..gorgets are great,
the engraving is what i want on all my cross belt plates like the 73rd one i sent and the 42nd one and the anchor ones...
i want to order another 10 of anchor and crown  and 20 with just anchor but engraved like the gorget i will pay for these,
plus 10 of each  ..i will also pay for 30 engraved and 10 embossed...

Dear Rahat Bashir,

I received the order, I appreciate the service, thank you. I would also like a full dress sporran, 
I am also interested in a boys kilt
I would be interested in being your wholesaler/Distributor in the USA. I
wholesale to stores across the USA and I would represent your company as a
sole distributor in North America. I would warehouse some of the most
popular items here for immediate delivery.

I look foreward to your thoughts on this as I believe it would increase your
businness here.

 Hi again Rahat, all the items are great, all was ok and the quality is super. Be sure that we will be in contact with you.
Next weekend we are going to participate in a reenactment and we are going to talk very good of you.
Just one question you are able to make other kind of Napoleonic uniforms and accessories
if we send you pictures or patterns?

Once again thank you very much for your efforts we are very happy with your services 
Best regards
P.S. if it is possible I will send you a photo of our section of the 1815 42nd of foot Regiment
Thank you Rahat and your team for all the fantastic work i will make money and order

Dear mr Rahat, 
I received the order today. My compliments for the quality of the goods. 
Thank you. 
It was a pleasure doing business. 
Kind regards,

First of all please let me say Sorry for not getting back to you before now on the items that I had ordered from you and received.
Well sir I must say a very very big thank you my clients/ customers were very pleased as was I and my wife.
The workmanship was tremendous and out of this world, The kilts are beautiful a is the white Leather
embrioderd belt, I wish to thank you for the samples that were sent also it was unexpected, we will make UK-Expo/
our soul supplier,for all our Scottish and Irish items.

Hello Rahat, I received the package a while ago, my apologies, I just got around to opening it last night as I was out of town for an extended period.
Thank you, I am VERY pleased with the value and quality,Thank you also very much for the sergeant chevrons
Thanks so much!
Thank you 

Dear Rahat,
I have received the shirts.
The pattern is perfect and I like the material.
Overall, I am very pleased with the shirts and will be purchasing more in the future.
Thank you

Dear Rahat,
the parcel arrives me last wednesday.
Thank you for your work.
Now i have any questions.
Can you produce the hose top in other colors as red and white?
The balmoral hats looks good and fitting well !! - thank you !!
The hose flashes are also very good !! - thank you !!
The kilts in 38 are fitting well. I am pleasantly surprised by your work
Best regards for you and your team

As I am very satisfied of my Black Utilty Kilt ( UKH-103-03 ) I would like to buy a new one in other colors.

Dear Rahat
everything is fine, thanks
delivered on Saturday
perfect kilts!!!
Well I am sure, we will meet us again in the next year
I wish you and your family merry Christmas
and for the next year all your  desires become true
kindly regards

Dear Rahat
Today I received the Utilikilt
It?s great!    I will recommend you
Well, I am interested now in one " Black Pain Tartan Kilt" (UKH-101-08)
Hello Rahat 
The Parcel is today arrived Thank you,
so i need the Price for item
I will present the Collection at Fryday

Thank you The Number ar oll Correct so i can order the next item
Hello Rahat, 
My next order may still take a while. I hope to put a new order soon as you products I am very happy with.
I have been very busy away from the shop, so I have not had time to sell many products. I hope to be back to normal trading before the end of the year. 
Thank you,
Thank you, Rahat.  I am excited to receive the new shipment.
I have a question for you - I want to purchase some of the kilt fabric by the bolt.  Do you have that available?
Dear Rahat, 
Sorry for slow reply on quality.
Goods are perfect! Quality of Sporrans and Hoses is great!
We want to order more new items. Soon we will send you photos of what we want to order. 
Excellent Qulity, thank you very much.  I will be placing another order shortly.
Dear Rahat I went into the city and picked up the box, The yellow and Black/gray uniforms are Fantastic,
you and your team have done more than i had hoped. The sashes are excellent, badges are fantastic buttons fantastic,,,in all Fantastic...
Please see attached photos of items you were going tio quote me on.. again thank you and your team so much.. kind Regards
Hello, Overall we are very happy with the products and quality. The sporrans are great and look beautiful. The buckles and belts were nice as well.
The doublets were very nice as well. We will place an order for other things when they are needed. Thank you,
Hello Rahat, Yes, I have just got the package. I am happy with the quality of all products. Regards,
Rahat, fantastic we all look great, you must be proud to have produced all of those uniforms, excellent work!!!!! Regards
Dear Rahat Fantastic....I also like the badges, on eof them I will order also... Thank you
Dear Rahat, Sorry for our long delay with the next order. Most our employees were away from office because of fires around Moscow and on holiday.
How are you? See the attachment for our next order. Is it OK with you? Please, issue the invoice for us to pay if it is OK. We are happy to work with you. Best regards,
Rahat, Shipment looks good. Thanks for your excellent service.
Dear Rahat The flag top are fantastic, the two boxes arrived at different times....but very happy with tops,The flags are
fantastic, and again a great job .
Dear Rahat, Today the parcel arrives me. I´m very happy with your work. The measurement and fitting is really perfekt.
This is the real size if i need. A big compliment for you and your team. You have a good leather-quality and good
metal-quality. Many thanks for your work and greetings for your team.
Dear Rahat Thank you, I received the items yesterday when i went to the city home, they are fantastic, again you and your team have done
a fantastic job... The cutlery sets are fantastic.........Darn you are good to me.....thank you my friend it helps me alot if you make good gear,
as i do not need to ajust it...... Thank you
USA Academic
Rahat: The sample arrived yesterday evening. And I must commend you, it is perfect. I am very pleased. So lets move forward.
Hi Rahat, We are very happy with the quality of the sporrans . We will be ordering again in a couple of weeks . Thankyou
The quality is good and I can assure you that we are going to stop all our previous manufacturers and work with you in all our uniform needs.
Hi Rahat, I have received all the materials that you sent and it is in good condition. Thank you for your good service.
Dear Rahat, I have the parcel became yesterday, I ´am verry happy of that. Now I must find out what I need urgent and than I give you the next order.
Can you give me prices from Sharp Shooter´s Uniform complet? And I need the price for Cavalry Greatcoat.
Everything was unpacked last Thursday, my apologies for the delay, I immediately had to get ready for a 3 day vending event. Everything looks great.
The blue kilts are excellent, I will be ordering more of them. Again, many thanx,
Hello Rahat Everything has been received and the customer is very happy. Thanks for all the hard work and effort. I will be in touch
when we need another large order. thanks
Dear Rahat Good Morning I wish you well. I got back on Monday and I inspected the Union is excellent....very good,
The bags and covers look excellent, The shirts and pants I hope are going well. The full Hose any word on them? The bags and covers look
excellent, I am preparing for next order,... thanks you
Dear mr Rahat Bashir, When returning from my holiday in Spain I did receive the parcel with the belts and buttons.
Both items are super! I would like to thank you for doing business in such a reliable way. Kind regards, Netherland
Yes they did arrive and my customer likes the quality.
Sample Test
Having had the opportunity to try on one of the modern kilts from UK Expo International I must say that I am most
impressed by the sewing quality, the fabric and overall design. Highly recommended.
Dear Rahat I have now received the kilt and thank you very much. My first impression is that it is WERY well made and
and good looking, too. Within a week I will come back with more comments and pictures. Best regards
German Badges
Hello Rahat. I just want to let you know that I have recieved the packet safely. Sorry for late reply I have been very busy.
I am happy with the quality of the products.I would like to organise another package, I will decide on the other products
I would like and in about a week I will ask for a quote. Thankyou for your patience and I will speak to you soon.
Dear Rahat, I have recived the parcel with the Shell Jackets. I verry happy of them, they looks good and the fit!
The Flags I have just received and they are Fantastic, You are great in fact Fantastic, you have looked after me like a brother,
I thank you and your team from my heart, This was a very hard job and you have done it....I understand how hard it will
be with the union flag.. All I can say keep up the Fantastic work and I hope to have more and more for you and we can both go
forward together and make money for our families....
Dear Rahat, today the small package recived. many thank´s for your efforts. It complies exactly with my wish. thank you again
(Germany) :
thanks for your email! The delivery arrived today. Fantastic Quality specially Hand made badges. Thank you for your efforts.
(Netherland) :
I received the goods yesterday. My compliments for the quality of the cartridge box, the great coats they look good also the spats,
canteen and haver sack. thanks your services.
The wooden items are fantastic,Hats and caps Fantastic ,spoons Fantastic. Cartridge Boxes are fantastic Badges and sword knots are
fantastic.... All in all all fantastic...i thank you again friend... I will leave tomorrow morning for 600km drive to an event i hope to
sell your items wish me luck....
(Ukrine) :
I like the mess tins! Thanks for the quality!!!!.
(Germany) :
The delivery has been received. Thank you for your efforts. My first impression is good. In the near future i want start e
new order from our website
I received the order and i am very satisfaction and I will make another order next year.
TW (AUS): You have done a fantastic job on the samples they are fantastic,A BIG THANK you to you and your team.
I would receive your goods at this Tuesday. Quality most of goods are so good! I like all kilts, tartan is very good quality,
sporrans and all buckles too. I like shoes and leather belts.
Thank you for sending the shipment, I have been driving 12 hours so very tried but the work your team has done is very good
and we are very happy, We will be back next week and will send email.
Our customer has picked up their Billie Kilts and were very pleased with them.We received the next order from another Corporate customer .
Thank you the scottish order arrived today, it is great,look forward to historical order.
Dear Rahat , The wool plumes are fantastic, wool cords are perfect, epaulets are fantastic, badges are excellent....
all in all excellent work by you and your team.
I was away all last week but the jackets did arrive on June 2 or 3. Packaging was good and no damage to the box or contents. Material and quality of jackets looks good.
Order arrived late last night, Everything looks great. Thank you for taking the time, It has been a pleasure doing business
with you and hopefully we can again in the future.
Quality of glengarries and balmorrals is very good. Packaging is excellent,Tailor quality of the Argyle jacket and Prince
Charlie jacket and vest is good,Flashes/ garte rLeather sporrans quality good.
The parcel was received yesterday. - I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the tartan.
I pick up yesterday the Parcels,The new bagpipes with parts in metal looks good.
Thank you for the goods, I have done a preliminary check and all seems good, in fact fantastic, again i thank you very much.
Yesterday the articles have arrived with us. Everything so far well. You do Good Job Thanks.
I have received packet today.very good i like quality of Badges.
I am interested in future purchases, we like your products.
Thank you very much for sending the 1st part of order, for all your work, all was correct no problem in customs.
again thank you the belts are great shashes etc.
Ian :
Dear Rahat I received the parcel yesterday (Tuesday) and am very happy with your prompt service. The quality is better than
I thought it would be. Your company has done well.
`we got the clothes, and I´m very satisfied with tha quality and ecpesially with your good service.Thanks again, for lovely service.
We are celebrating Christmas soon, so many good wishes to you.
Paul :
The ordered items have arrived. I really like the quallity.
(Los Angeles)
Have just received the Green Shirts and I am very pleased with them.I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and
your staff all the Blessings of this Festive time of the year.
I think it is the best replica of 32-Bn camo!!! I saw it I was very surprised by DHL.
(USA )
I have inspected the Prince Charlie Jacket and it is beautifully made.I am very pleased with the quality of the sporran as well.
The Sgain Dubhs in the presentation boxes look very stylish.
Good day Rahat,